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With us, Blue Sky, you can achieve that dream of flying across the clouds. Enjoy a spectacular flight over the Aburra Valley with a magnificent view. You do not need any previous experience, for you will be with one of our certified tandem instructors. They ensure your safety and an exciting experience just for you.

 No necesitas ningún conocimiento previo. Los vuelos en parapente se realizan con un instructor tándem certificado, el piloto te acompañará en todo momento y te dará instrucciones claras para que, si lo deseas tú también puedas pilotear.


15 minute flight

$ 200.000 COP por persona
Reserve 15 minutes

20 minute flight

$ 260.000 COP por persona

Reserve 20 minutes

30 minute flight

$ 400.000 COP por persona

Reserve 30 minutes

All rates include:

  • Magento flight policy
  • Right of track
  • Photos and videos optional

Se debe traer un dispositivo movil para transferir las fotos y videos, con una capacidad mayor de 8 gb. Opcional, valor de memoria SD $ 20.000 COP

Reserve 15 minutes

Data sheet

Activity duration
According to the flight minutes contracted by you, the Blue Sky Paragliding travel agency, depending on weather conditions, carries out tandem recreational flights of 15, 20 and 30 minutes. All flight follows the safety protocols established by the Civil Aeronautics and the Air Sports Federation (FEDEAEREOS).

Our equipment is in excellent condition. Before any flight, you, the logistic staff, and the pilot have a meeting to discuss all the necessary considerations.

Depending on the weather conditions, the before-flying process, and the farewell, it might take around 2 hours to have everything prepare for you and finish the flight. The "before-flying process" involves waiting for attention, registration, briefing, and the take-off. The "farewell" is the landing process.

When accessing the flight site, you have different options. First, you can go upstairs on a path after crossing the main road. Second, you can take an unpaved road to the flight parking site (the entrance for this route is after the vehicle toll).

The geographical location of the flight zone
You will fly with us, Blue Sky Paragliding, in an area established by Civil Aeronautics and owned by AEROCLUB, who is our flight site provider. The recreational tandem flights take place in the small village of San Félix located in Bello Antioquia.

This area is in the north-western part of the Aburra Valley, at approximately 2,450 meters above sea level. This area is officially established as a paragliding flight and practice area.

Micrometeorological conditions of the area
The average temperature of 15 ° centigrade an altitude of 2,450 meters above sea level, with a maximum ceiling of approximately 4,000 meters above sea level, depending on the time of year. The maximum height of flight authorized by the Aerocivil is 2,800 meters above sea level and the prevailing winds come from the sector Oriental.

The take-off from San Félix is located in the north-western zone of Valle de Aburra, this site has a headwind and perfect terminal conditions to favor the flight's take-off and landing in the same place.

Limitations and restrictions for flights
Paragliding flights are not available for pregnant women and people with a medical prescription that prevents air sports or any extreme sports practice. Furthermore, people with medical conditions such as: osteoporosis, hemophilia, vertigo, diabetes, obesity grade 2, spinal or knees problems, hip replacement, heart problems, tachycardia, ventricular hypertension, extrasystole, dyspnea, seizures or chiropractic treatment (currently or within the past five years), chiropractic treatment, and heights phobias cannot flight.
Variety of the flights
When flying in the morning, we might find thermal currents to gain altitude, and as the day advances, those currents begin to be thermodynamic, which mixes with the breeze that comes towards the mountain. Furthermore, when flying in the afternoon, dynamic conditions vary greatly depending on the time of year.


Included and no included services

Included services: Magenta assistance card. Flight runway usage. Available transport in case of landing in Bello or another place due to weather conditions. Stablished Flight time.

Not included services: Transportation to and from the flight site. Photography and videos. Food. Other services that are not part of the plan.

Expected user behavior during the flight

You should be respectful and follow the instructions provided by the logistics staff and the pilot.

Allowed age
Five years minimum. In all cases, underage users must have written authorization from their parents or legal guardian to practice paragliding.
Insurance information
You will learn the information on the flight assistance card and its coverage as a security guarantee; the insurance provider is Magenta. There is a support handle for the authorization of the insurance.

During the flight process, knowing the insurance identity document is mandatory.

Paragliding risks
Paragliding activity might cause incidents or accidents that may lead to injuries, fractures, or even death. Flying is a personal decision.



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